December 12, 2011

Toffee & Brittle

Twelve days to Christmas guys! If you have not started to think on Xmas baking, it is the time! In the past week I have been busy preparing edible presents that keep long and most probably will survive the postal handling. It is all very important because this year we stay at home for Christmas, the first time. Instead of us going to Hungary, my parents come to visit which is great, but it also means that I do not get to see my friends this Xmas. I really miss them.
Usually I prepare a bunch of cookies, pralines, chocolate treats but this year I was looking for more simple sweet, which is (1) not heavy, (2) most probably everyone like, (3) does not require special cooling and (4) very easy to make. Easy is a key factor since I have a very demanding daughter (according to my husband she is just like me....) and a ..... new job! Yep, I have a permanent photo job at a magazine, so currently I am busy with photographing to the February issue. Cannot tell how excited I am about this assignment! I must say, this year has been fantastic, can not wait what good things next year is going to bring. 

Anyway, so here we go, I ended up making these sweet, crunchy treats. I just provide some examples, but really you can spice it up whit whatever you like.

(click on the recipes to enlarge)

(Honeycomb recipe is adapted from Donna Hay)

All images © Studer-T. Veronika all rights reserved


  1. Wow, now you made me speechless!! Stunning!!!

  2. Oooo I especially love the last 2 shots -- you know I'm not a big candy person but these have me intrigued even!

  3. Hey girls! sooo glad you like them.

    I had so many other photos in mind to this post, but I just didn't have the time.... sigh...

    I know girl, so it especially makes me happy :)

  4. All your photos are amazing Vera.Love your choice of colors for the recipe card.awesome! Wish I could choose colors like you.

  5. I would love to have that orange pistachio brittle and beautiful pictures too.

  6. pictures are beautiful, well done !
    Besides, I'm crazy about nuts...

  7. Gorgeous shots and I love the color coordinated layout. So wonderful to see your new site Vera. :-)

  8. How special are these? I love toffee photo!

  9. Looks like you've been a busy gal with all thiss baking! Looks greta and I love the colored cards!

  10. These photos are just stunning. My husband will be awfully happy when I make this orange-pistachio brittle for him. Thanks for posting!