January 04, 2012

Yogurt-Potato Salad and a New Year

Happy New Year to all of you! I wish you a blessed 2012, filled with laughter and joy. A new year, a new start, promises of new adventures. A new year is like a blank page, or a new diary. It feels like we can erase the last year's bad things, failures because those do not count anymore. This is a brand new year with new promises, new plans, where nothing can go wrong (or at least this is what it seems like on the first of January). It is simply a fresh start. Do you also feel the excitment for the new year? I surely do.
I am sure that all of you had a wonderful holiday season with way too much food I suspect. I personally cannot even think on layered cakes and heavy meals. So I brought you something very light and not too complicated to make. The potato is in a nice harmony with the yogurt and the lemon juice adds a fresh twist to the whole, and when you think it cannot get better, then the caper berries make a surprising appearance. Now, how about this for a fresh start?

(click to enlarge)

All images © Studer-T. Veronika all rights reserved


  1. I'm on a potato kick right now so this dish fits right in! Beautiful styling!

  2. Thank you, glad you like it. Beside that it tastes good, I think blue potatoes add something interesting to the meal, don't you think?

  3. Felicidades por tus fotografías, me encantan!

  4. Happy new year Vera :-) too late ha?! I love potatoes in anything so this is right up my alley!