February 03, 2012

Comfort food in the cold

I believe that soup is the most warming, comforting food you can get in the winter, and in the Siberian minus 15C cold it is more of a lifesaver. Yep, we are freezing here. Instead of preparing myself for the Spring, I am stuck in the extreme cold and snow. To me winter supposed to end on the 31st of January. It should snow in December, that I find romantic. I love to do my Christmas shopping in snow but that is about it. 

So to keep myself warm, I had to cook something that heats me from the inside. Simple yet very tasty soup with chickpeas, chorizo, tomato and hot hot hot very hot chili. Trust me, a sip from this and you will have no problem with the cold.

All images © Studer-T. Veronika all rights reserved

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  1. Looks gorgeous! Love the photos and the recipe!

  2. dear vera, warm hello from Bali.

    I bump into your blog through flickr. your photo are beautiful to see, i love them all and i cant believe it that this particular lighting is at winter timing zone. wow!

    i love chicpea, sometime i just made them as my snack , i just simply boiled them with salt and fresh turmeric root :) your soup really looks comforting :)

  3. Thanks girls, it always makes me happy if someone likes what I prepare.

    chickpea is one of my favorite too. I could hardly save as much to make the soup :)

  4. I just can't wait to try the soup. That hot hot hot chili is enough to tempt me!
    Didn't know you had a blog . I am fan of your photographs in Flickr :)

  5. Glad you also like the soup. It is really really good.
    Thanks a lot for the nice words, I really appreciate it :)
    See you around..