March 01, 2012

Here comes spring

© Studer-T. Veronika all rights reserved

I know it is neither a recipe nor a food photo, but I felt like sharing a little piece of spring with you. Because it is spring out there! I can smell it in the air, which is nicely warm, the birds are singing all day long and my flowers started to bloom.

Hello SPRING, it is just about time, I was desperately waiting for you!


  1. Vera, I haven't had time to visit your blog properly yet, but everything looks good here. Your photography is beautiful. It seems your compositions are getting more simple.

    How do you activate the feature on Blogger that when you click to enlarge an image it opens on a black (with transparency) background and provides a slideshow?

  2. Hi Laksmi, thanks a billion. Yes, I'm going through a transition, now I'm looking more into interesting compositions rather than crowded. Will see how long it lasts :)

    I does it on its own, automatically really. You click and just pops up in balck. Sorry, I'm no help here :)

  3. Life is a transition :-).

    Ok, maybe my Blogger template is screwed because I've made some changes there, and it doesn't display the feature. Anyway, everything changes so quickly on these internet outlets¨- who can keep up with them? We have to be grateful that something works at all :-).

    Thanks & have a nice day!