March 13, 2012

Spring onion pesto

It is just about time I post a new recipe. Last time I shared a recipe with you it was still snowing and now it is already spring time. Lately I have less time for my blog, I know, but I am very busy with my work and my little baby also keeps me entertained. I have so many things in my mind to share with you, sweets, great meals, cool drinks... I am excited just thinking about it.

 For a month or so I try to eat healthier (and loose weight) - less sweets, more greens. The project goes very well, I have more energy and feel great and my weight is soon back to normal. Today I prepared something that I am sure many of you will like. If you fancy pesto then you will love this. Spring onions give a nice twist to the cream and provide many health benefits. Definitely a must try but keep a couple of spearmints in your pocket.

All  images © Studer-T. Veronika all rights reserved

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  1. I love pesto and have tried so many variety so far. Spring onion is also one of my fav. This looks lovely with the blue background!

  2. I love pesto! And I love your photos. [:

  3. I LOVE spring onions and never thought of making pesto with them. This looks incredible. Gorgeous photographs!

  4. Kankana,
    I also love spring onion (onion in general) :)

    thanks a lot :)

    Spring onion is in a really nice harmony with the basil, you should really give it a try. :)

  5. Hi Vera, this is amazing. I have never heard of spring onion pesto! Pistachio is pretty expensive and difficult to find here, so is pine nuts, but I happen have a stock of pine nuts. Can I use that instead?
    And for how many serving is your recipe? Thanks!

  6. Hi S :)
    Sure you can use pine nuts, they are just as perfect. It serves about 4.... or it depends how hungry your guests are :)

  7. Sounds & looks great! I too am a big pesto fan...I make a very good traditional one, but have dabbled with others and will have to try this one.

  8. Wonderful, thanks. Are Spring onions the same a Scallions?

  9. Hi David,
    thanks a lot, glad you like the recipe. I know the traditional pesto is excellent, but there are others which are great like with dried tomatos, or other herbs, and this one was really tasty. :)

    Yes, scallions are spring onions.

  10. Thank you Vera
    Something you might call spring onions, or "onion grass" as some call it locally, grows wild here (South Coastal New England) and is one of the first greens to defy early March. They look like chives, and stand out in brilliant green clumps against the still drab ground. They are most delicious and tender when eaten young.
    We picked a bunch at dusk just an hour ago + some wild dandelions and are about to combine them as a salad but they work well alone or together as a pesto on pasta or feta with olives

  11. I know what you mean, it is called Wild garlic actually. It grows in my garden too. Last year I made pesto from that too, loved it.

  12. I tried it so yummy, i just added a bit of lemon zest! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I'm so happy you liked it Patricia. Lemon zest is a great idea, I shall try it next time.

  14. This looks delicious and your pictures are lovely! We are currently hosting a spring onion linky party at as part of our Fresh Produce Tuesday series. I would love it if you linked this recipe up!


    1. Thanks Meaghan for the invitation, I linked the recipe :)

  15. I know you have been through all this a year ago, but i only just came across your blog. I have seen you photos before, they are amazing. I once made spring onions and zucchini (courgette) pesto. 1-2 zucchinis, lightly seared or grilled in 2-3mm ribbons to 4 spring onions (fresh, i.e. not grilled). Blitzed together with all the usual ingredients (nut+parmesan+clove etc.).