July 05, 2012

Spaghetti and fennel gratin and a little bit of me

It has been a while that I uploaded a fresh, crispy recipe on the blog. I know, but there are so many things going on right now in my life. As you probably seen it already, I launched an online food magazine, The Spoon (check it out here), and we are already working hard on the next fall issue. It is made with love, each and every page, photo, article, I hope you will enjoy it. September is pretty close now.

So, this is one of the reason of my absence lately. And of course I have a lovely family who also needs me. I have to make a confession right here and right now, working next to a 10 months old baby girl is not easy. For how small and young she is, she has a very strong character! I do not know how you all do it to raise one or more kids and work full time from home. I would love to hear some tips, because some days are just very hard to manage....  or just to say it out loud, I am about to go crazy! 

Do you also have that sometime? Just want to get out of home for a few hours to find yourself? I hope it does not make me a bad mommy, but I would be even happy for a 30 minutes brake, to recharge, reboot and keep on going again. So forgive me, but I am so so so very happy to go on a 2 weeks holiday. Nothing fancy, just going Home. And this time home means my parents, my country, back to home in Hungary. I will suck in as much energy as I can. I guess, that is why someone should live close enough to the grandparents.

So I will leave you with this recipe for now. A very simple yet tasty meal, especially for fennel lovers. And so this would make me a huge fan of fennel. There was a period when I had fennel every single day. I am really  fond of  the anise notes of this vegetable. Enjoy and wish you all a great holiday! I will be back soon, with a new recipe and probably some photos of the Balaton.

Spaghetti gratin with fennel cream 

400g spaghetti 
3 fennel bulbs 
250g mascarpone 
2 eggs 
100g butter
 A handful of grated parmesan 
2 cloves of garlic 

Cut the fennel into small pieces. Melt the butter in a saucepan and add fennel. Cook until tender, about 10-15 minutes, if necessary add more butter. Take the pan off of the heat and stir in mascarpone and parmesan. With an electric mixer process the fennel until creamy. Season to taste and let it cool down. When it is cool enough then stir in eggs and minced garlic.  Preheat the oven to 180C. Cook spaghetti until al dente. Fold the noodles into the fennel cream and pour into a 24cm diameter cake pan. Bake for about 20 minutes.


  1. This dish looks stunning. I had never heard of spaghetti gratin before. I loved the shot of the fennel bulb:)

    1. thanks Paaka,
      Well, I call it gratin anyway :)

  2. Kedves Vera!

    Csak azt tudom Neked mondani, mint újdonsült Anyának, hogy anyának lenni nem könnyű.... Egyensúlyozni a jó feleség-jó anya-dolgozó nő háromszögben mindenkinek nehéz.... De csak azt tudom Neked tanácsolni, így 2 fiú nevelése mellet, hogy a gyermek lekötése, majd a Tőle való elválás csak nehezedni fog, de Neked kell erősnek lenni. A legjobb amit csak tehetsz, hogy Magyarországon feltöltődsz és ha lehetőséged van rá, segítséget hívsz magadnak, Anyukádat Testvéredet, bárkit és akkor tudsz napi pár órát magaddal foglalkozni. De hidd el ezek a hónapok és évek nem térnek vissza, így később hiába szeretnél már a kislányoddal játszani, Ő már hasonló korúak társaságára fog vágyni.... Dolgozni pedig még ráérsz eleget! Kívánok Neked sok kitartást és szép nyaralást!


    1. Emma,
      köszönöm szépen a tanácsot, igen tudom, hogy ezek az évek milyen gyorsan elrepülnek. Most 24 órában együtt vagyunk, tehát nem lepasszolni akarom :) csak valahogy megtalálni az egyensúlyt.

  3. Veronika, please don't ever think you are a bad mother because you need to recharge. I have two kids, now teenagers, and I know the toll that taking care of children has on a woman. As much as you adore your children, you need to do things just for you so you can be a better mother.

    You are wise to desire to recharge, so you have to do that. If you can't afford getting help once in a while, at least take time when your significant other is around. Go for an early morning walk, take a late evening stroll, and on the weekend take a little bit more time.

    Best of luck and enjoy every minute though, they grow fast!


    1. thank you so much for your nice words. You made me feel much better. I will take your advice and go for a walk, it will most certainly be the best. And my hubby is more than happy to help :)

  4. this looks amazing! And congrats on the online magazine! <3

    1. Thanks Meg, so glad you like it. Look out for the next issue too

  5. Hi Vera,

    I just found your AMAZING blog and Emag, wondering how could it happen, that I missed it by now ;) Seems I missed out a lot :)
    It's really wonderful and what I can see on the first sight promises a lot ... will spend some time now to look around to enjoy and get inspired.
    A huge thank you for everything you share here on this beautiful place. Looking forward to whats about to come - the next posts as well as the next spoon issue, of course.

    Lysann xx

    1. Thank you so much :) You are so nice, glad you like what I'm doing here.

  6. this looks so delicious! Think I will make it tomorrow, i love fennel and happen to have some in the fridge :) Did you roast the tomatoes on top or just on the side?

    1. Just on the side, I wanted some red on the photo :)
      Let me know how you liked it.

  7. It was SOOO good! :) and i roasted the tomatoes on the side and topped it with that, i think that really takes it up a notch because it brings in that sweet juiciness. Thanks so much! will be reading your blog regularly!