July 19, 2012

Tart of the summer

I tried, I really tried to postpone this post until we  get back from the holiday but I just gave up. Better to say, I gave in to this tart. I thought I would be an awful, selfish person if I would not share this recipe with you today. Because it is just fabulous, no kidding, and I know that you are not supposed to talk about your own creations in superlatives, but what is good is good.
We are leaving to Hungary tomorrow, driving through the night, and until then I am packing, cleaning and using all the leftover food. I am always surprised how much food I manage to pack into a relatively small  refrigerator. I found some puff pastry in the fridge and tons of peaches on the counter, and then came the idea. Tart and custard are always a good idea. They never fail to cheer me up regardless of the mood, weather or anything. Plus having an 11 months old around your legs, it is still fairly easy to make. There is only one thing, the calories... It is not the bikini friendly dessert, especially not when your are on diet. Still I have another 9 kilo to loose, but this looked way too good to pass and let my hubby take all of it. Honestly, I really easily shot down my conscious, who just kept on whispering bad things about sugar, and went for the spoon right after the first photo. And wow,  it felt just so good! I am almost on holiday after all, and as everyone knows, when on holiday you do not gain weight ... right? (It is not the moment of being honest, just, say yes please :)

So, I leave you with the gorgeous tart for now. I really recommend a try, you will definitely not regret it. See you back in two weeks!

Oh and I almost forgot. My online magazine, The Spoon had 15 000 views in the first month. Amazing, thank you so much!

Nutmeg custard - Peach tart

320g puff pastry
3 peaches
2 egg yolk
250ml heavy cream
1 tsp ground nutmeg
3 Tbsp sugar
2 tsp corn starch
70g butter
150g sugar for the caramel

Heat the oven to 180 degree. Line a 24cm diameter (about 9") spring form with baking paper. Cover the bottom and about 1.5 cm the side with the puff pastry. Pierce the bottom with a fork, and cover the pastry with parchment paper and fill with pie weight. Blind bake the tart for 15 minutes then remove pie weights. Bake the tart for another 15 minutes and let it cool.

For custard, combine heavy cream, egg yolk, corn starch and nutmeg in a sauce pan. Over medium heat let the custard thicken stirring continuously. Add 20g butter and 3 tablespoon sugar. Pour the custard into the tart shell.

Heat up sugar in a sauce pan until it turns into golden caramel. Take the pan off of the heat and stir in 50g butter. Add peach wedges and return to heat. Cook for a few minutes, then let it cool to room temperature. Spoon over custard and serve with whipped cream.


  1. Enjoy your holiday,Veronika!

    1. I most definitely will :)thanks

  2. I found out about this blog through flickr and i'm loving it!
    Congrats for you photography!
    Enjoy your holidays

  3. mmmm that tart looks so delicious! I love the peach + nutmeg combination. Hope you are having a great holiday.

    Sarah (Lamb411)

  4. A luscious summer treat! Can't wait to mix peaches and caramel! Have a great vacation!

  5. Looks delicious, definitely making this!


  6. This tart looks fabulous. It would be easy to make it eggless. The light on the first picture is great. It makes you want to dive directly into the tart!