June 24, 2013

Spiced Wreath

Ever since I've seen a wreath pastry, I've been itching to try it. There is something utterly sexy and elegant in the pastry. I've been dreaming about the crunchy caramel crust and the luscious fruity filling for weeks.

This spring I was surprisingly busy in the garden. I planted strawberries, zucchini, fava beans, tomatoes, herbs, carrots, radishes, cherry -, apple- and peach trees and many many more. Unfortunately the weather is way too wet and cold this year, and many of my plants just drowned in the loads of water. I did not give up though, I shred a tear and started the whole farming from the beginning, and guess what, I loved it. It is so relaxing and wonderful feeling to see my babies grow and bloom day by day. I just cannot wait to harvest the fruits of my garden.

After a long and exhausting but perfect day in the garden I treated myself with this sweet dough and a cup of cold milk. It is really worth the work, was just as juicy and spicy as I imagined. 

Spiced fruit wreath



250 g flour
75 g soft butter
12 g fresh yeast
1 egg

1 egg yolk
60 ml luke warm milk
1/2 tablespoon sugar
1 pack vanilla sugar
pinch of salt

1/2 teaspoon cardamom 
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
pinch of ground tonka beans
milk to brush the pastry

1-2 tablespoon muscovado sugar


200g strawberries
4 tablespoons sugar

In a medium sauce pan cook strawberries and sugar for 10 minutes and cool down jam.

Combine yeast, sugar and the milk in a bowl, stirring to dissolve. Stand in a warm place until foamy (8-10 minutes). Whisk remaining milk with egg yolks in a bowl and set aside. Mix flour, and a pinch of salt, spices and butter in the bowl of an electric mixer until combined. Add yeast mixture and eggs. Beat on medium speed until a smooth dough forms (4-5 minutes). 

Cover and stand until doubled in size (1hour). Meanwhile, preheat oven to 160C.
Knead the dough on a lightly floured surface until smooth.  Roll out the dough into a large circle and top it evenly the strawberry jam. Cut the circle into two and roll them into shape of rope. Braid the dough ropes and bend them into a circle. 

Brush the top with milk and scatter with muscovado sugar. Bake wreath until golden and risen (30-35 minutes).  Cool on a wire rack.


  1. What a great idea that gif file! Like being next to you while you are making it :)
    Sad that I cannot taste it as well... :(

    1. It is anyway not paleo :) Wish it would be, fro the carbs anyway :)

  2. I'll take two slices, with a double espresso, please. Funny, effective gif. Ken